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Strategic tool

Use WakeUpBrain to identify high potential opportunities to innovate

Brain boost

Hundreds of original ideas instead of the typical handful of undefined desires

Fast execution

Innovation is about execution. Each great idea need other great ideas to come to life. Innovators know they need continue ideating until the new product hits the market (and even after)

Flexible Tool

Each card can be used in several ways, depending on the needs. You can design your own games!

Exciting design

The appealing design helps the users to engage in the work. Emotive colors, evoking characters, simple icons. BIG CARDS.

Serious play

Games help to reduce unproductive discussions, creativity blockage, mental barriers. Games help to bring understanding and create collaboratively.

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History of WakeUpBrain

The building of a breaktrough innovation...

WakeUpBrain Launching

WakeUpBrain Launching

2009, 04 Diciembre

WakeUpBrain Launching

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WakeUpBrain Platino Arrives

WakeUpBrain Platino Arrives

2012, 12 Julio

WakeUpBrain Platino Arrives

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WakeUpBrain OPEN launched

WakeUpBrain OPEN launched

2016, 29 Octubre

WakeUpBrain OPEN launched

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