Highly integrated teams,Ambidiextrous thinking,Fast results,High motivation

Working with innovation teams to train them in WakeUpBrain methodologies.

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Building highly effective Innovation Teams with WakeUpBrain tools

Sesions of intense learning followed by days of experimentation

Strategic alignment

Every tool learned is carefully selected to ensure relevance for the participants and the organization

Learn by application

The best way to prove that something has been learned is showing the changes and results of its application. This is a process of learning by experimenting.

Trained to train

The innovation team can be the best way to spread a real culture of innovation. The innovation team will be formed by innovators AND leaders

Teams trained
Leaders trained
Train sessions
Real projects

Flexible schedule

Every organization has its own preferences about the best time for learning...


Every game in WakeUpBrain is a little module. We can assemble the best experience by finding the right one out of an endless amount of possible combinations

Context adaptable

The training its always different. It depends of the particular needs of the client

Really powerful (and really new) ideas in every process 100% This is a child's play for us! 100%
Real application of tools by trained teams 90% We're really good at it! 90%
Real increase in innovation output 98% (This is important for you) 98%

Creativity,It's awesome!,Everything around us,is inspiration,Ideas change the world,Ideas bring smiles,Ideas open hearths,This is the best time,to live with awoken brains