WakeUpBrain x Brains

WakeUpBrain x Brains is a program to reinforce the cognitive capabilities and learn easy and effective tools to increase the creative output. WakeUpBrain tools lets professionals of every discipline, to increase their productivity by giving them tools to solve problems easily, find opportunities to generate high impact and find the joy of having original ideas always.

Become a Brainer and release their real creative potential inside!

WakeUpBrain x Brains is available in several formats, from daily short sessions to intensive camp training. Contact the WakeUpBrain Academy closest to you and ask for available programs for individuals or groups.

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  • Skills:
    • Creativity
    • Ambidiextrous thinking
    • Exciting Questions to innovate
    • Three elements of creative thinking
    • Every problem is a game
    • CROMAS
    • 6xi creativity technique