Vietnamese innovation

02 Dec, 2017

By Guillermo Solano


I was listening at the most innovative ideas from young entrepreneurs in Ho Chi Minh last November 2017. It was great! A lot of good “ambidiextrous thinking”.  As a good example, here is the Icarus idea: earphones that use Bone conduction instead of traditional acoustic conduction. Yes! Your earphone is no inside your ear but outside, and the sound travels via your head bones to your internal ear. Its like magic. Ok. I know this way of listening has been used long time to help deaf people to hear, but that´s the magical part. They used something working in one context and built an excellent business concept in a different one.

The advantages?

You reduce the hearing loss produced by conventional earphones. And this is an important concern nowadays, as young kids are using their earphones for longer periods of time.

Will this idea end in a financial success?

Probably not. At least not this year. But this is the kind of ideas that I want to say, some years in the future: Yeah! I saw some kids working in a prototype of that in Vietnam some time ago!

And yes. They won the contest. (Le Thanh Binh, Vu Phuong Anh, Trinh Nam Thai and just two Nguyen: Nguyen Thanh Tung and Nguyen Hoang Anh)

Photo by Alex Blăjan


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